Topo Land Surveys | Northampton

Posted 03.12.21

Requests for Topo Land Surveys in Northamptonshire have been limited up until recent months. Now due to a number of new Ltd company clients requesting Topo Land Surveys, we have recently produced topographic surveys in places such as Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough, Towcester, Daventry and Corby.

The terrain in Northamptonshire varies somewhat. According to Wikipedia and topographic-map.com, Arbury Hill is the highest point in Northamptonshire at 225m. There is a triangulation station on the summit - originally installed by surveyors from Ordnance Survey and then used over the years by many land surveyors such as ourselves, undertaking topo land surveys in the area.

These triangulation stations are largely defunct now, as land surveyors utilise "GPS" technology to record the levels of features within the topo land survey area. We typically pair this technology with total stations, 3d laser scanners and drones to acquire the data needed to produce an accurate topo land survey or site survey.

Unlike the topographic-map link above which is large scale mapping, a typical topographic land survey will be provided at a scale of 1:200 or 1:500. This allows site specific artificial and natural features such as roads, watercourses, trees and land boundaries to be surveyed and presented in detail. This is often a requirement of planning authorities when seeking planning permission to change the use of land.

Sometimes a "topographical" or "site survey" is required as a condition as part of a successful planning decision, however savvy designers, architects, consultants and landowners will commission the topo land survey at an early stage. This is to avoid potentially costly redesign works - which can occur when a design is based on an inaccurate or inadequate site plan.

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