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Organising a topographical survey for your site could not be much easier

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Plot your survey area

Click on the map to create your first point. Keep clicking around the perimeter of your area, finishing on the first point. You can add multiple areas for different survey types or specifications.

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Explain WHAT you need & upload any supporting files

Tell us about your project and select from Topographic, Measured Building, Boundary/Land Registry, Site Engineering and Utility Mapping surveys. Add any specific requirements and upload any supporting files or plans.

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Tell us WHO the survey is for

Enter your details so that we can get back to you with our proposal. Our quote will itemise exactly what you can expect from the survey, when it can be delivered and the fixed price cost.

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Happy? We’ll get to work

Following confirmation, we’ll work with you or your client to schedule the site surveys. Receive updates where required - followed by clear and detailed drawings.

Quick Quote Benefits

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Easily create a survey plan

You can quickly get a survey price back to prospective clients before preparing block, site and location plans.

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Fast fixed prices

Our topographic surveys, measured building surveys and Land Registry tasks are provided as a fixed price - no unexpected surprises.

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Guided process

This ensures we have all the information required to provide a survey price and deliver a survey that is fit for purpose.

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Competitive and accurate

Our streamlined process allows us to turn online quotes around quickly and accurately, matching and drawing from our database of similar sites and surveys.

Chartered Land Surveyors

Working with consultants from a wide range of disciplines

We want to get your survey right first time too. If you’re not ready to get a quote, feel free to put your consultant in touch with us.

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Combine site surveys

Build a spec. with topographic land survey, measured building survey, boundary survey, site engineering & underground utility mapping

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Accurate and Precise

Trained professionals meet your accuracy requirements using the latest technology and precise instruments.

Regulated by RICS

We practice to globally recognised ethical and professional standards. RICS best practice is at the heart of our workflows.