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Topographical offers a fresh approach to land surveying. Specify, price and download/share your survey online.

Topographical works for you

How our simple app works


Plot your survey area

Click on the map to create your first point. Keep clicking around the perimeter of your area, finishing on the first point.


Select all your options & customise your survey

Add any extra features, choose an accuracy band and configure options. Add another area or continue to the next step.


Fill in your information & confirm the costing

We'll let you know when your quote is ready. Happy? You can pay by card or request payment by invoice.


Leave the rest to us & await your easy-to-understand survey

We'll provide regular updates as we work on your survey. Download your files securely from the cloud or share with your team.

Features & Benefits

Time efficient and professional

Ordering a survey is quick, easy and professional using the RICS guidance based specification builder.

Exact job costs rather than estimates

Don't pay more than the fixed price quote. If the works are more intensive than anticipated, it's on us.

Account tracks progress of projects

Quotes and surveys are stored in your account. A 5 step progress meter details the current stage we are at.

Accurate and visually clear

Our drawings are visually clear and easy to understand. We'll add them to your account along with any supporting files.

Online cloud storage for your surveys

Keep all your surveys together, securely.

Whether you choose to download your survey or share it, you control who has access to the latest revision.

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Over 30 options to choose from

Configure your survey specification using our simple online tool and add any features specific to your site.

Accurate and Precise

Trained professionals meet your accuracy requirements using the latest technology and precise instruments.

Regulated by RICS

We practice to globally recognised ethical and professional standards. RICS best practice is at the heart of our workflows.