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Specialist Land Surveyors

Founded in Nottingham by a Chartered Land Surveyor and Civil Engineering Surveyor. Topographical deliver measured survey projects nationwide.

How it all started

Efficient, Professional & Competitive was the initial offering to the land surveying market by Survey & Mapping UK Ltd in 2017. Providing a unique and advanced platform for clients to quote, order, pay for, download and share land surveys.

Our company has evolved to become much more than just an app. We've turned off a few of these features for now and reintroduced human elements, because let's face it, not everyone is ready to transact with computer software yet! Keeping the best bits while growing our service offering, our underlying ethos hasn't changed. Our professional land surveyors still work flexibly and remotely with freedom, a progressive mind set and a willingness to always improve, delivering high quality surveys with an eye for detail which are rigorously checked and verified centrally.

With a business model such as this, we were ideally positioned to weather the turmoil of 2020 & 2021. We have recently expanded our offering to include a division specialising in measurement of buildings and we look forward to many more years of growth alongside our existing and new clients alike.

Regulated by RICS

Honestly Accurate

As you can probably tell, we love technology. We use top spec. equipment and software from the leading manufacturers. With stringent quality controls and experienced staff, our services are top quality too.

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Land Surveys

Topographic Surveys - As Built Surveys - Watercourse Surveys - GPS Surveys - Digital Terrain Models - Green & Brownfield Development Sites - 2D & 3D Formats

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Engineering Surveys

Setting Out Surveyors - Control Networks - Volume Analysis - Monitoring Surveys - 3D Scanning - Levelling Surveys

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Drone Surveys

100% Safety Record - High Res Images & Video - Point Clouds - Surface Models - Orthorectified Images - Roof Surveys - Stockpile Surveys - Inspection Models - CAA & RICS

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Utility Mapping*

Site Markup - GPR Surveys - Utility Mapping - Buried Service Location - CCTV Surveys - UXO Surveys - Statutory Record Search - PAS 128 Surveys - Drainage Surveys - *Provided by a partner

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Measured Buildings

Floorplan Surveys - Outline Elevations - Detailed Elevations - Cross Sections - 3D Laser Scanning - Point Cloud Surveys - Roof Plans - Reflective Ceiling Plans - Street Scene Drawings - Internal Elevations

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Boundary Surveys

Boundary Measurement - Land Transfer Plans - Agreement/Determined Boundary Plans - Easement Plans - Land Registry Compliant - Expert Witness CPR 35 (commercial only)


Our latest news & views

Our blog articles are categorised as either “News” “Learn” or “On Site” - for writeups on some of our recent land surveys, measured building surveys, drone surveys and underground utility mapping surveys. Recent posts include: -

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